Pipili Rape Case- Justice to Victim

Dear Dharitri,

We are (My Odia friends and me) are following the bit by bit the information related to Pipili rape case. We are much concerned about well being of the victim who is fighting against death. What more the administration is doing to save her and to bring back her to the normalcy? Media appears to have followed only the trail of the incident (for the sake of only reporting) rather than focusing on saving the life of victim and well being of the victim's family.

Our worry is, at least Dharitri should not follow just the trail of news (like suspension of inspector, resignation by Minister, or transfer of SP). We do not think transfer of Puri SP today was a punishment to him (as claimed by media), rather appears to be a reward for his being oblivious to pipli rape case. Rather of probing his role (in-activeness in ensuring timely registration of FIR), Odisha Government has transferred him in heroic post of Commandant of Odisha's anti-naxalite force, as if, being oblivious in ensuring timely registration of FIRs in his jurisdiction was basic qualification and eligibility for appointment in such elite post. Now a days there is a trend with young police officers(IPS) encouraging OICs to avoid registration of FIRs to show decrease in crime rate.At least this trend is being rampantly followed in Delhi. Pipili case appears to have gone out of notice of Mr. Sinha perhaps because of this attitude of him. One must see, if he had drum bitten earlier on any claim of decreasing crime rate in his jurisdiction.

Dharitri should report the matters that are existing out of bracket by covering more stories of victim side.
The Girl may take even a year or more to recoup. But we would expect from Dharitri to keep a sharp eye on day to day development/every effort of government on saving her life by reporting in Media.

Will you also look into the untold pains of the victim's family in this case. Will you review the entire gamut of the case?, how were they trapped into this case. Sometime, we have a feeling that this is one type of 'Chhabirani' style of pre-planned murder or attempt to murder. In what way the families of criminals are defending this? Dharitri should not only unearth the very truth behind such a heinous crime to ensure suitable punishment for everyone involved, but should also keep a sharp eye on security, safety and well being of victim and victim's family. One should also see the fate of the family of the friend of the victim who committed suicide, under what circumstance she committed suicide?. TRUTH MUST BE UNCOVERED TO ENSURE JUSTICE & PUNISHMENT TO EVERY DESERVED PERSONS IN IT. This is a classic case depicting lackadaisical nature of Orissa police. Thanks.

S. Mahapatra & group