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Life is such a big problem


Respected Sir,

I am sending you one News Item, not a news item Sir but, the heard and real experience of my life what I have undergone in between two- three days with our existing and corrupted system of Governance. Sir, I am, Miss Priyanka Mohanty, a native of the village Birol, po- Birol, Via – Choudwar, Dist- Cuttack, Odisha, pursuing my MPhil course in Pondicherry University, Puducherry. I had applied for the post of M.C. (MGNREGS, District coordinator) bearing the application no.4152 and also for the post of A.P.O. (Block coordinator) bearing the application no.4050 in the districts of Sundargarh, Keonjhar, Anugul, Jajpur and Dhenkanal. Being sort listed for the post of M.C. with 9th rank , on 2nd April, Saturday, at 5.38 p.m., I received a call from the DRDA, Anugul and have been informed that I have to come to the DRDA office with all my original certificates to the DRDA, office Anugul for verification. On 3rd April, Sunday at 5.49p.m., I received another phone call from the DRDA, Sundargarh, informing that I have been sort listed for the post of M.C. being in 4th rank. I have also been informed that I have to be present in the DRDA office, Sundargarh on 5th of April for the course formal verification of my certificates. On 4th April, Monday at 10.09 a. m., I received another phone call from the DRDA, Sundargarhand was informed I have also been sort listed for the post of A.P.O. with rank two in Sundargarh Block and then I have to come on the due date with all my original certificates. On 4th April, at 1.32 p.m., being in rank 7th, I also got a phone call from the DRDA, Keonjhar regarding this matter and they too informed me to arrive at Keonjhar, DRDA office on 5th of April at 10.00 a.m. And for their delay only I received two written mails from the DRDA Keonjhar on that day at 12.47 p.m. concerning the intimation for the post of AP.O and for M.C. On 4th April, at 4.30 p.m., I again received a phone call from the DRDA, Dhenkanal informing that I have been sort listed for the post of M.C. with 6th rank, then I have also to come their office with all my original certificates on the due date. But, the matter of concern is that, being present in Puducherry at that moment, it was completely impossible on the part of me to reach any of the districts within only one day. Unfortunately, we are having access to only two trains once in a week covering the distance from Bhubaneswar to Puducherry. As Bhubaneswar is nearly 1400 k.m. far away from Puducherry, it will take at least 24 hours to reach Bhubaneswar. Even if I had tried from Chennai, it would have taken at least 20 hours to reach Bhubaneswar. Further, in case of Sundargarh, 8 hours will be needed from Bhubaneswar to Sundargarh. Above all, due to poor financial condition, I cannot afford for airways also. Hence, I was totally unable to reach any one District by the due date with all my certificates. Regarding that matter, on 3rd April at around 7.30 p.m., I made a phone call to the Project Director of the District of Sundargarh and let him know all about my difficulties. But, in response I got the answer from him that he is totally helpless in this matter as because the verification date has been fixed according to the Panchayati Raj calendar. Further, he also told me that this is my problem that am having my original certificates with me at Puducherry and I am unable to reach by the due date and this is not his problem. I also asked him, if the verification date has been already fixed by the Department of Panchayati Raj, did not it concern about the date of giving information to the sort listed candidates. Your department could have informed the candidates at least before 4 days for which particularly in case of me I would have reached Sundargarh by the due date. And also the DRDA Sundargarh informed me on Sunday which is a non-official day. I also asked the Project Director of Sundargarh about this and he told me that due to shortage of time they did like that. Then, I asked him, if being unable to present in the verification date is my problem, then informing me on a non- official day and that to only one day before is whose problem? Is it also my problem? Again to inform the candidates over phone is not the authentic way or the correct government procedure to call them for verification. Every government procedures require sending call letters to the candidates at least before 8 days. Then how the Panchayati Raj Department already fixed the date without considering these issues? And I also got the written mail from your DRDA in too later while my other friends have already got both the written mails and phone calls on Saturday at 10 a.m. from the other DRDA offices like Khurda and Anugul. In between that conversation, he cut my line thrice and when I requested him to listen to me at least for two minutes, he told me that I have been listening you for ten minutes and you are repeating the same thing to me. He told me so roughly that “if I told you that I cannot help means I cannot’’. I told him you can help me, at least you can inform the Panchayati Raj Department about my problem. Then after few minutes of argument, he told me “OK. Write an application to me tomorrow and I will inform the P.R. Department regarding your matter but, I cannot extend the verification date.’’ Further, at 10.15 at morning I sent a written mail to the P.D. of Sundargarh and also other authorities like the Principal Secretary of the Department of Panchayati Raj, The Deputy Director and also the Commissioner com Director of Special Project regarding my problems and difficulties. I also made a call to the P.D. Sundargarh at 11.45 a.m. and informed that I have already sent a mail to him and requested him to find it. Then at11.37 a.m. I received a mail from the DRDA, Sundargarh that being in ssh format they could not read my application. Hence, again around 1.30 p.m. I sent him another mail with the same content. But, I did not get any written reply from the DRDA, Department of Sundargarh. Then, I called the Deputy Director, Gitanjali Das at around 3.15 p.m. and I was answered by the Additional Deputy Director that the Deputy Director is attending one meeting with the Director at the Administrative building and he cannot say about her arrival at the office. I explained the Additional Deputy Director all about my problems and difficulties and informed him that I have sent one mail to the Deputy Director about this and kindly let her know. I also made a call to the Commissioner com Director, Mr. Lohani Sir and as he was not in the head quarter, I asked for his personal number from his P.A. and called him. He answered me in the way that “I can understand your problem and one day time is very short period on the part of you to come to your home town but, I am sorry that I am not dealing with this matter but, you can call to the P.D. of sundargarh and the District Collector of Sundargarh regarding this matter and they may help you”. I told him that I have aready called the P.D. of Sundargarh and he replied me like he cannot do anything as he is helpless in this matter. Again I made a call to the Chief Secretary of the Administrative Department and was been informed by his P.A. that he is in meeting. And he also informed me that the Chief Secretary is not dealing with this matter and he gave the number of the Principal Secretary of the Department of Panchayati Raj. I also called him and was informed by the P.A. that he is in assembly right that time. Then I described all the things to his P.A. and asked him to inform all about this to the Principal Secretary. Then the P.A.called me over phone and told me that he got my mail and he will inform it to the Principal Secretary. I asked him when Secretary Sir will come? He replied like there is no certainity about his arrival. But, he may come between 5.30 to 6.00 p.m. and you call at that time in our office number. Then at 6.00 p. m. I called again to principal Secretary’s office, first no one picked up my call and second time his P.A. picked up the call and informed me that Sir has not come and he will also not come today because he is going to Koraput tonight at 7.45 p.m. by Hirakhanda Express. And was informed by the P.A. of the Principal Secretary to the Department of
Panchayati Raj that it is an individual case and he may not consider the case. If it would be collective case, then he could have considered it. Before that also, I tried to send one fax regarding my problem to the P.D. of Sundargarh thrice in between 4.45 to 5.00 a.m., but again no one picked up my call. Finally at 7.30 p.m., I again called the P.D of Sundargarh and asked him about this matter. Then, he replied me that I have already sent your mail to the government and he suddenly cut the line without listening me. Then, I again called him back and he gave the phone to the Additional project Director, The Additional Project Director asked me all about this and I explained the same to him. He replied me that if they have informed me only one day before, then it is also matter of concern. I requested him to kindly consider this matter seriously. And he answered me that I will not consider it but, I will see the matter, whether they have called you one day before only or before than that. Then he also cut the line without listening me. On 5th of April at around 12.45 p.m., I called again to the P.D. of Sundargarh and he did not pick up. When again I called him he kept his phone in not reachable mode. I tried in his phone 4 times but it was saying the same. Hence, just after that, I called to the DRDA office Sundargarh and I talked with the madam who is dealing with the verification and she informed me that the verification work is going on. She told me that she can understand my problem but, their Department is helpless in this matter. But she also informed me that we have already informed our P.D. and the Panchayati Raj Department regarding your difficulties and if any positive response will come she will surely let me know. On that day also at 6.45 p.m., I called again to the DRDA, office, Sundargarh and asked about this matter to someone in the office, dealing with this matter of verification. He informed me that many candidates have come and verification work is already over and as the P.D. is absent then its only pending for District Collector’s approval because only P.D. will take these things to the District Collector. On 6th April at 6.01 p.m., I again called the P.D. of Sundargarh and wanted to ask him about did any reply he get from the Government of odisha regarding me. I called him twice but, he did not pick up my phone. Finally at 6.02 p.m., again I called to the DRDA, office Sundargarh and was been informed that as the District Collector is on leave all the verified results are pending for her approval. When I asked him, he answered he does not about her arrival also. He informed me that after the approval of the collector, I can check the results in internet. I am asking those people, is the Panchayati Raj Department working like this? Is it a proper government procedure of sort listing or selecting the candidates? Is it a correct measure that the Panchayati Raj Department adopting? It is only showing and indicating their monopoly and dictatorship. They are misusing the authorities that they have been assigned to. . When they are so much concerned about timing, then they have to be concerned about candidates’ problems and difficulties. At least minimum 4 days time should be given to the candidate to present him/ herself on the verification date. Our administration should be more authentic regarding this issue otherwise the younger generation like me would get harassed with this current Panchayati Raj’s selection procedure. From a political point of view, it is not the way that the things are going in selection procedure. If we think and rethink it seriously, we can feel though not an economic but, it is a social corruption that has been committed by both the Panchayati Raj and the DRDA Department. They are exploiting the young minds. In this way they are also instigating the young minds to make them indulged in every type of criminal and antisocial activities which would ultimately hamper our state and our state’s reputation. Because if the talented and intelligent students will not get a chance then they will reach at the height frustration and being unemployed they will be ready to do anything for the sake of money. It is not only the case of a job Sir; It is matter of serious consideration and the question of a student’s career, her/his future, her/his life and also the future of their family. Hope, you can understand and feel the difficulties and problems that the candidates are facing and also the inhuman treatment that they are tolerating. It is not the problem of me Sir; it may be the voice of many students who are losing a greater opportunity in their life. Now-a-days it’s very tough and also very very difficult to get a state government job even if on the part of meritorious students. Further, is there any certainity that all the candidates will be present in Odisha at anytime for which if they receive a call from any DRDA, they can reach the fixed place on the due date? And if those students will loose, then what is the point of recruitment on the basis of merit? It will only spoil their career and will lead them to the state of complete frustration which may create a future social problem for Odisha. As a student of Sociology, I would like to tell you that the younger generations are the pillars of success. They are the bright future of Odisha, the future mirror of Odisha and the shining stars of Odisha. If their life, their career would be spoiled like this, then what is the use of state and state government and what is the need for the development measures taken by the state for the future generations. This current system and procedure of selection in Panchayati Raj will only deviate the youths from their right track and will bring them a lot of depression and suppression which may be converted into big scandals. If you really want to do some betterment to the younger generation, then please Sir, help them to get rid of this social and mental trauma. But, for that we have to change the current selection procedure, for instance, the procedure of the MGNREGS which is putting them into more troubles. Therefore, I request you Sir, to kindly consider this issue and think and rethink it from the core of your heart. I am not the only person who is raising this issue there may be some voices which could not reach you or will be waiting to reach you. There may be some poor girls/ boys who will be awaiting for a job since a long time or there may some persons who have been waiting for this job to earn something for giving food to their old parents. Sir, its matter of sensitivity. It’s a matter of emotions and feelings that is attached with our social life and duty. Our Central Government has enacted this Act with a holy purpose for removing and uprooting corruption from rural areas .But, from the starting we can see and observe the social corruption that is occurring in the Panchayati Raj and the DRDA Department also. It needs some immediate and sensible solution if we really want to save the young minds from the evils of mental corruption and financial corruption also. It really needs a sympathetic action towards this emerging problem. It also needs some new policy measures in government jobs in other words our policy measures are needed to be refined, corrected and reassessed , whether it is actually doing its work or not ? And we, the future generation, the new generation of Odisha need this. This is not the first case. It has been a continuous illegal activity of the government officials. They are only exploiting and only exploiting the life of the young talented, meritorious students. Further, if they would behave in such a rough, rude and ridiculous manner, then what kind of help and assistance could we expect from them? Now, with such a existing corrupted system of governance, one question is continuously arising in mind that how will the future odisha grow? Sir, I hope you will consider this case deeply and thoroughly and will do some needful and immediate, sympathetic action to resolve this problem that is emerging as a very big issue in Odisha. And I can surely hope that you will highlight this issue as a big blunder by the Government of Odisha which kills and continuing the killing of thousands and lakhs of young minds daily. In this way Sir, you can help those thousands of youth who are waiting for such kind of whole hearted support and immediate action and they seriously need one helping hand like you. Waiting for your kind and immediate Action.

With lots of hope and High Regards Thanking You,
Priyanka Mohanty MPhil, Sociology Pondicherry University Puducherry