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Whose Traffic is it anyway ?


Dear Sir,

The ebullient team traffic of Bhubaneswar is certainly making an impression. Gone are the days when the traffic policemen dressed in tardy white uniform doing his job almost unnoticeably. But the smart and suave looking members of team traffic with their toned up bodies and dressed in shining white-blue uniform with equally shining elbow guards with their black glasses on are certainly eye caching and offer a pleasant sight at the criss cross junctions of the city. They look more like models who are ready to walk the ramp. Looks like looks certinly do matter for the Commissionerate Police. They provide a fitting tribute to wide and smooth roads of the Capital city. The Commissionerate Police has very wisely decided to infuse young blood by phasing out the senior members to less active roles which is both befitting and rewarding to their gruelling job careers. So far so good. Now comes the harsh reality. Anyone who travels on Cuttack Road must be aware of the escalating traffic problem there. But surprisingly no one seems to give a dirty damn about it. First of all, one is at a loss to understand as to why there are more than a dozen vehicular cross overs on a stretch of 2 KM. road which makes travelling on this road extremely bumpy and dangerous. The condition of traffic from Kalpana Square to Mousimaa Chowkk is almost explosive in the peak hours what with people coming from all directions and venturing into all directions sending the traffice rules for a toss. The traffic department, for reasons best known to itself has not put on at least a a road divider for the purpose of streamlining the traffic. People who are travelling towards the aerodrome are always at the risk of mowed down by vehicles coming from Puri side because the pillar there is so inadvertently placed that vehicles coming from Puri are not able notice a junction there and tend to overtake the other vehicles being unaware of people who would be heading towards aerodrome. Therefore vehicles bumping unto each other are a common sight at the Mousimaa Chowk during peak hours. The traffic department has failed completely to remedy this problem either out of apathy or incompetency which is unfortunate.  Everyone living in Bhubaneswar has definitely seen the Basanti Durga Mandir at the Rasulgarh Chowk, not because it is any big or famous temple, but because it is virtually situated on the sub lane which runs parallel to the National Highway. The encrachment is so blatant that it offends the feelings of every passer by. Since the temple is situated right on the sub lane, people who use the sub lane for travelling towards Palasuni have to encroach on the National Highway heading into vehicles coming from the opposite direction exposing their lives to fatal accidents. And all this because some wily Puja Nana has not only encroached the place for building the temple but has also built up half a dozen shops under the cover of the temple. It is unfortunate that, such a wild violatiion of the Law is being looked the otjher way when all the high and mighty of the state are residing here. Will the Police care please ?

Balakrishna Barada