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New land grabbing method


Dear Editor Sir,

I have wintessed an incidence where the State Government of Orissa has adopted a new way to acquire land without giving any notice or compensation. It is very unique in its own way and is not been highlighted so far. I wish you to go throguh the incidence once to understand the hidden agenda of the state government. The means adopted by the Administration is as under; Details of the Land: Khatiyan No: 361 Plot No: 1041, 1043, 1044, 1045, 1046 Owner of the Land: Late Shri Ram Chandra Mishra Village: Rasulpur, Po: Rasulpur, PS: Dharmasala, Dist: Jajpur, Odisha. The Block Development Office is situated adjacent to the plots. They acquire the land without measuring the land and now the construction is on full swing. The legal hair of the deceased owner made a complaint with the Home department, Chief Minister Grivence Cell and District Collector in Jajpur. The Tahshildar of the premises received the letter from the administration and now sitting over the letter and waiting for the construction to get over. When the Tahshildar was reason out for the un expected delay, he was on a denial mood and got down to the old tricks of passing the buck attitude. Now he is of the opinion that, as the block office is the culprit, he can not take any action against him. The hidden agenda of all these attitude is to acquire the land of the person without any force and media attention and when the law would take its course it would be too late. The person will loose all his rights over the property and government would have the owner ship of the land without spending a single penny out of his pocket and without any Kalinga Nagar type of incidence. Media would be clue less about the insidence also. It is borught to your kind notice due to the fact that, the Jungle Raaj of the State Administration has to come to an end. They can not rule like a king making the whole machinery a banana republic. At this juncture only The Dharitri can help the person getting justice as it is been proved time and again these days. I believe "The Dharitri" who stood the test of time over the years is the only media house can bring the perpetrators to books. 

Sanjeeb Kumar Mishra