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Dear Sir,

The news is absolutely true. Not only non teaching even teaching faculty positions is going to be filled with only Bengali. And I have been exposed well to even different IITs and professor. If you observe, you can understand in all new IITs, the faculty position is filled by somehow somewhere related to mentoring IITs, mentoring persons. As I have observed, you are writing daring/truth/pinpointed/ revolutionary article regarding judicial system, really I appreciate it and support it. Even I have observed you have expressed concerned in your column against brain drain (now it is like creating all sort of propellant to go out of India, like torturing the brain to go out). I would suggest please go for an investigation in your level (or Journalist level, even Dr. Barendra krushna Dhal could be an able person to look in to and write on this matter giving the data and evidences), you will see lots of irregularity/malpractices even higher level of appointment like IIT faculty. This is high time to protect the only a premier organization in Orissa, in its childhood, otherwise it would full of those things like in IOP, RRL and many more. May be in past there were not much highly qualified, talented educationalist, researcher, but in current scenario, you can see 1000 of the best Oriya qualified people ready to serve, but neglected. I can guarantee one thing for sure other than Nobel laureates, in which kind of faculty one wants can get from oriya even. Lots of oriya Ph.Ds even from world class organization is waiting to serve Orissa. It is very grave issue now. Needs to be addressed properly, and I do believe you have revolutionary vision to bring change in society through pen. Please have a look in to this matter, I am sure you will get lots of unbelievable stuffs there could be great news.

I never believe in provincialism, but the issue is so grave now in the country, it is like racism issue in developed countries. But, if I, we started telling global village scene, How an Oriya will survive. Because of provincialism we cannot be fit in other states and again because of the same cause even in Orissa. I do personally believe now IITs are no more cosmopolitan, rather it is regional or provincial institute, why should not we protect our generation. Please have a look in to this smatter.

I am feeling like it is high time to bring laws like Laws against racism. Anyway no one going listening our words, just expressing a concern and expressing view. I would like to share a funny experience regarding IIT Kharagpur, I have attended an interview for a junior research fellow position in Chemistry department, some of the faculty was asking question and discussing even in an interview board in Bengali. I would not tell it is love to a language rather told blind. If you feel I do not have any problem, if you can publish this as letter to editor column.

With best regards

Basudev Swain, Ph. D
Lecturer in Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
School of Natural sciences
Indiana University Southeast