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Sadhei Kala


Dear Sir,
Reporting SADHEI KALA as SAREIKELA in Odia in the above news item is not correct. SADHEI KALA in Odia was spelled as Sareikela in english by the Britishers. When the Odia district went to Bihar, Biharis translated the name of the district from english to Hindi and Sadhei kala became SAREIKELA in Hindi. When we could not claim the Odia land, let us call it in its true name. The people of the area, inspite of the spelling error, even now, pronounce the name as SADHEI KALA. We are negligent in such things. Our East Coast Railway Time Table at Bhubaneswar Railway Station spells Rourkela as ROORKELA in Hindi. So ROULKELA in Odia became ROURKELA in english and this in turn became ROORKELA in Hindi. Just like we have placed Hindi officers in public enterprises we must place Odia officers in them correct anomalies that might crop up. Thanking you,
Yours faithfully.

Saroj Kumar Patnaik