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Dear Reader
We are, in reality, a bit tired with those few people who are unable to understand. Orissa is like our father"s name.
We don"t want to change our paternal name just because some nitwit government official found this new spelling in English to be funny. Double S ("ss") is always pronounced 'sh' (like compassionate and so many other words) in English.
The Oriya name has not changed. What difference does the change in English spelling do in your life? Or for that matter, in the lives of the water, land and wealth deprived millions of Oriyas?
Come on dear readers, change yourself first. Start respecting our fore fathers who helped create this first language based state boundary long before Independence and it is they who spelt the name as Orissa.
If we forget them today, It is possible we may even forget our father's name tomorrow.
Good luck Odiyas, I will always be an Oriya.

Tathagata Satpathy