Birdly Flu


Is culling enough to contain bird flu? Bird flu has surfaced since some years now and if government is aware that it is dangereous to human beings what has govermnent done to prevent it. 1. There is no guideline for poulty products production like area in which poultry should be kept, no vigilance on sanitation etc. Rather poultry farms have sprung up amidist highly populated areas. Which raises the possibility of human infection. 2. There is no registration for any poultry organisation like broiler farm, layer farm, hatchery, breeder etc. The should have been so and tight scutiny sould have been done before letting any one open a poultry operation. 3. Govt. should stop promoting programs like back yard poultry farrming and should atleast not keep poultry inside city centres as it has a potential to threaten millions of lives.

Sitansu Satpathy