Pipili Rape Case

Dear Dharitri,
Please refer to the news on Pipili rape case reported on 15.01.2012 in The Dharitri.
It is unfortunate that the police registered this case and started investigation after 2 months. It is shame for police administration (led by dear Chief Minister of Orissa) getting activated only after intervention of Hon'ble High Court..Government must answer the people for such gross negligence. What disciplinary actions have been taken against the complacent police of Pipili ? In this case every rank of police involved by default in the case till the level of District S P should be dragged to the court with stringent actions/punishments.
Hon'ble High Court after due probe and proceeding of acused, should deliver a new height of judgement by ordering visible punishment of guilty rapists. Such criminals do not have any right,let alone any human rights, for sexual enjoyments and biological procreations after committing such gruesome crime consecutively 2 times, as reported. Even with one step ahead, these criminals should be forced to undergo sex change with life imprisonment instead of death sentence. Let them have feelings of female life after sex change.
We hope, the administration will be able to bring timebound justice to the victim by setting up first track court. We hope, the life of victim will be saved, will be properly rehabilitated with due dignity.

S. Mahapatra