Todays editorials show the negative mentality of the editor. Though i agree in some points like we can't stop corruption by bringing a law. Doesn't this editor know there already many laws exist in our constitution to tackle corruption but of no use. It would have been better for a Editor look into positive factor of a movement and law. None of the MPs, ministers are guilty of corruption in last 60 years of independence. There is a hard truth that Judiciary should be made accountable. This is the need of the hour. For that reason only the Bombay High Court has taken this stand. Sense one example : It is very difficult for the Karnataka state to find a clean person for Lokayukta. What does it mean ? What it Indicates ? I will be happy if u reply.


Dear Himansu babu

There is nothing to reply. You have given the answers yourself. When human resource is so low quality, as mentioned by you in regard to Karnataka, in a vastly populated country as India, it simply means no law could possibly change society.

Best wishes