Fake voters and forged BPL cards

 There are vacant land near Kandarpur Railway Station in the District of Cuttack. Some people of Mayarbhanj and other places of the state have uccupied the said land and have constructed their residential houses over the same. They have been casting their valuable votes here as well as at their native places because the general elections and other elections happens in different dates at Eastern and Northern Odisha.By this procedure they are counted at both places. Now here at Kandarpur area they are trying to take electric connection through their BPL cards issued here over the above railway land which they have encroached. These people are able to get BPL here and also at their native places and availing the same at both places . This is a grave matter and having bad impact on the society must be enquired into .By this the valuable wealth and landed properties of the Govt could be saved and the real culprit behind be found out . I want an inquiry.

ND Tripathy