BDA thieves

I sent a mail to The Vice Chairman BDA, Bhubaneswar, in which I wrote that I am an architect. The people of BDA treat me as a broker between their greed and the client's helplessness. This is to bring to your kind notice that the people of --------Engineers Pvt. Ltd. are doing malpractice in BDA. I don't know whether this practice is with consent of Officers of your good office or not. Because when I approached your officer, none of them really tried to sort out the issue. Everyone suggested - You Manage. Which clearly means, pay their BRIBES and get your work done. I paid, and issues in AutoDCR vanished in no time. Whatever I prepare, gives error in AutoDCR. Even when I have report of correct AutoDCR from the BDA Kiosk, the same file gives unpredictable error when uploaded on the server. Once the BRIBES are paid, NO ERRORS. Is this kind of practice is not in your knowledge. Many a times I have heard your officers are giving all accusation to Architects. Are you performing your responsibilities ? If you think you have some responsibility towards your citizen, please act. Otherwise I will assume this letter will also go in vain. But my attempt will not stop here. I hope Dharitri has the guts to publish this mail.

Thank you.