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Fogetting who is correct and who is wrong

with due respect to you I want to say something about your artcile on "Ramlila rey Jalakhiya". For a moment I accepted what happened was wrong at Ramlila ground. Fogetting who is correct and who is wrong and how govt failed to handle it.But at first place why it happened after 64 years of independence.Be it small though,why a country's people are against it's own govt which they have elected. Why a common man's voice is unheard.Simply no body cares about common man, when there is no proper way to represent common man's voice and anger within, these type of things happen. I will say about my own state.We are called one of the state which is having full of natural resources and there is enough govt funds, still the state is not among the top states what is lacking. Living condition of poor remains the same after so many years. You have written People are gving bribes.Request to go to our own Govt hospitals you will know the very reason why people gives it. True we are at fault to save our-seleves we are giving bribes, same time take part can be controlled.Both give and take has to be contolled.Give by making people educated and take by putting a good mechanism at place. It was being tried upon there to put a mechanism in place. No body will oppose if something is done for good cause.You being the fourth pillar of democracy, should not you encourge your people to participate in developing a good nation or should you make people to vote every five year to represent somebody who will care for himself only. No body is breaking parliamentary democracy, no body is saying there are other things need to be debated at the same time this one thing has become so rampant that it has to be one among the things need to be looked upon.

Ajay Parida

Dear Ajay babu
Dharitri and I have always fought against corruption. It is not just a claim. Our printed pages from over the years, stand testimony of how we have exposed corruption at all levels, not just governmental. Starting from Judiciary to corporates and all. However, I firmly believe that no law has ever changed human nature in any country. If that be so than capital punishment would have cured society from murders long ago. Change has to come amongst all of us. From within. As civilized society the world over has not found a better alternative to democracy, let us find an alternative before destroying the present system. Or create a better 'us' and make things easier. Let us stop blaming others and start looking at ourselves first. It is certainly more difficult but that is the only way out.