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rail neglects

puri railway is completely negleted what about the PURI one of the best piligrim sot in INDIA and nominated as WORLDCLASS STATION. It is getting worst day by day. same number of platform since 4 years back single line from DELANG to PURI from a long ago ,even if after having 40 Trains arising from here(one DURONTO and 2 GARIB RATH (special trains)) Time table is horrible if a trian is coming from KHRUDA to PURI. Every train I,e, coming for KHURDA ROAD猶URI is halting at KHURDA ROAD for atleast 15 minutes( this is anomalous behaviour of KHURDA controllers) lets look at all the train & time taken to cover 44 k.m. 12744 Surat-Puri Weekly Ex... Exp KUR 15:30 PURI* 16:15 0h 45m but it took 2 hours but it reaches at 7p.m(horrible)3 huors 12802 Purushottam Express Exp KUR 04:25 PURI* 05:20 0h 55m it took 1 and half hour reaches at 2:30 p.m(horrible) 12844 Ahmedabad Puri Super... Exp KUR 07:55 PURI* 08:50 0h 55m some time it reaches at 12:30 p.m. 12:15 pm (5 hours ago) (horrible) 18409 Sri Jagannath Expres... Exp KUR 03:25 PURI* 04:30 1h 5m it reach at 6:30a.m.9(very very bad,it is the favorite train of BENGALIS) 12745 Lokmanya Tilak Termi... Exp KUR 07:45 PURI* 08:50 1h 5m it reaches at 9:30 a.m. 18402 Okha Puri Express Exp KUR 09:40 PURI* 10:45 1h 5m it reaches someday at right time 18303 Sambalpur Puri Inter... Exp KUR 11:40 PURI* 12:45 1h 5m it reaches at 1:15 p.m. 18450 Baidyanathdham Expre... Exp KUR 02:10 PURI* 03:20 1h 10m i don't know 58413 Dhenkanal Puri Passe... Pass KUR 10:15 PURI* 11:25 1h 10m it reaches at 12:20p.m. 12821 Dhauli Express Exp KUR 13:20 PURI* 14:30 1h 10m some day it reaches on 4.00p.m. despite it is being as a popular train 18426 Durg Puri Express Exp KUR 08:25 PURI* 09:35 1h 10m on time 18478 Haridwar Puri Utkal ... Exp KUR 05:20 PURI* 06:35 1h 15m on time,it is a express but took 1h15mn to cover 44 k.m 58409 Khurda Puri Passenge... Pass KUR* 12:30 PURI* 13:50 1h 20m it reaches at 2.00p.m. 58416 Cuttack Puri Passeng... Pass KUR 18:20 PURI* 19:40 this is most famous local passenger but completely neglected some thime it reaches 10.00p.m. 58421 Angul Puri Fast Pass... Pass KUR 10:00 PURI* 11:25 1h 25m it is a fast paasenger 18413 Paradip Puri InterCi... Exp KUR 21:20 PURI* 22:45 1h 25m it reaches at 11.30 or 12.00 p.m. 58131 Rourkela-Puri Passen... Pass KUR 22:45 PURI* 00:10 1h 25m it reaches at 2.00 a.m. 12816 New Delhi Puri Expre... Exp KUR 11:00 PURI* 12:25 1h 25m it reaches at 6.30 p.m. 12876 Neelachal Express Exp KUR 15:45 PURI* 17:10 1h 25m it reaches at 7 p.m.(VERY BAD) 18451 Tapaswini Express Exp KUR 05:45 PURI* 07:15 1h 30m it is a express time is given as 1h30 min. sorry FOR punctuality. 12837 Puri Express Exp KUR 06:00 PURI* 07:30 1h 30m it is super fast time is 1h 30min sorry,but it reaches at 7.55a.m. 18415 Banspani-Puri InterC... Exp KUR 18:45 PURI* 20:35 1h 50m this reaches at 11.00p.m.(WORST) 58418 Parlakhemundi Puri P... Pass KUR 19:10 PURI* 21:05 1h 55m this reaches at 11.10p.m.(TERRIBLE) 58001 Howrah Puri Santraga... Pass KUR 14:55 PURI* 17:25 2h 30m passebger took 2h 30 min horrible this last two train are horrible never come through this train it might too 3 hours to cover from KHURDA TO PURI i am completely frustated while travelling through these train,when the DOUBLELINE , will be completed. I KNOW bugget is declared since 2001.What is happening? i am a daily passenger between PURI 烹HUBANESWAR & hopeless & suffering from this worstful journey where should i give complain about iT Most of the daily passengers were experiencing the same result.Government please help us SATISH KUMAR PRADHAN(CURRENT MONTHLY TICKT NUMBER12011141)