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Dear Tathagata Babu

I have gone through your editorial on Karnataka. You have stated that the steps taken by the Governor is illegal but a simple logic says - "will the cabinate sanction the prsecution of the leader of the cabinate i.e the Chief Minister" a lerned man like you should not argue like this. True Mr hansraj Bharadwaj is an out and out congress man. For that you can not defend an out and out corrupt chief minister like Yedirappa. Probably he and his cabinate is the most currupt in the history of Karnataka.The logic which BJP the party of difference is still pathetic, they defend Yedurappa but demand JPC for 2G scam.yedurappa's curuption are so open that a lay man can understand it, even he himself has accepted it and said I have done only what all other cheif ministers have done, what a logic others were currupt I also should be corrupt and nobody should tell anything.I think you do not have the documents which are in public domain now about the corruption of yeddi and his cabinate.So please do not defend the corrupt BJP govt, I am no supporter of Congress or JDS, they are equally corrupt.The ultimate sufferer for these corruption be it Yedirappas' or 2G of congress are the people of this country. As I stay in Banglore, I followed the news quite closely

Thanking you
P K Rath