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2G and other scams

Dear sir,

Your pessimism is shared by any intelligent person of this country. The real executive authority is in charge of making the laws .Obviously any group which is in power in power will leave scope for malpractice in framing the law. Any party which can hope to power will not really contest it. There is no check on the scope for corruption at the draft stage.After-the-event exercises cannot repair the loss to the people ,or cause any material damage to those who profited at their expense.I am sure no charge framed against the perpetrators will stand in the court of law.They know that and hence their defiance- let the law take its course-prove it and I will quit -etc. Since the Legislature has encroached on Executive powers, the Executive should be armed with enough authority to keep a check on the powers of legislature. This will not happen as long as the President's election is heavily biased in favour of party strength in the Lok Sabha. If it  can be weighted with the votes polled by the parties in some way , or better still, if the president is also directly elected , there is scope for independent presidential review.Will any party seriously consider it ? What scares and appalls us all , is the helplessness this country is reduced to by politicians of all hues.

With warm regards,
C.Siva Chander
Retd Scientist