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Tourism in Orissa

Respected Sir,

Orissa has a lot of potential in tourism sector, But we are not developing tourism industry to its full potential. Recently we had been to Balasore. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of balasore sea beach( chandipur)... But i was sorry to see only few tourists were there. When all the countries worldwide and all the states in India are investing in tourism as its the best source of income for thousands of people. May i please request your newspaper team to spread awareness about the potential of orissa tourism and the employment it can generate. Our people in orissa are having an agrarian economy, as 70 to 80 percent people depend on agriculture as its source of income. If orissa has to be a developed state, then alternative source of income is to be provided. As industrialization is a big process, tourism is one sector which needs less investment. And the infrastructure can be built with the private participation. The best example being Goa..Goa has less coast line than Orissa, but they generate more income from tourism than Orissa.

Dear Reader
What you say is true.
Its not only monuments and coastlines yhat promote tourism. Places with no naturally gifted sites also boom with tourists. Its only the human resource and that makes the potential much stronger. When local people admire, welcome and cooperate with tourists and travellers and yet retain their own dignity, the atmosphere changes. In Orissa, our populace mostly harasses travellers or alternatively, they lick their feet for even 10 rupees. These are two extremes that no successful travel destination can afford to have. No one has bothered to address these issues in our state. Our travel industry or the government are themselves not aware of these shortcomings. Just adding new hotel rooms will never promote tourism.